Senior Developer

  • Interact with project management to plan project schedules and technical direction.
  • Provide quality assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software products.
  • Develop high-level system design diagrams for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation.
  • Develop and implement moderate to complex web applications on one or more platforms.


Mobile Application Development:
Android, iOS, WinCE, Cordova, Phonegap, React Native, REST, JSON, XML, TCP, Socket Communication,
XMPP (Openfire, Ejabberd), FCM, J2ME (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0)

Languages & Technologies:
Python, Flask, DJango, Node js, Express, React js, React Native, Nest js, Vue js, C, C++, Java

Database Systems and Servers:
MongoDB, MS Access, MSSQL Server, MySQL Server, RMS, SQLite