Testing (System, Performance, User Acceptance)

Acrux performs a gamut of testing methods including System, Performance and User Acceptance to enable applications scale up so that they are rendered acceptable for use. Our testing methodologies include methods that are used to test both the functional and non-functional requirements of a product.

System Testing

Whilst Unit Testing is conducted to verify each module or unit separately, System Testing is performed to verify if the individual units work well in tandem. The key is to test the communication paths between modules, either in smaller chunks or the complete system as a whole. We, at Acrux, perform System Testing diligently to verify the requirements of major items or groups of units.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing, popularly known as Perf Testing, is conducted to ensure software applications perform exceptionally to the applied workload. A testing technique performed to ascertain system performance in terms of reactivity, speed, sensitivity, and stability under a particular workload or varying workloads, Performance Testing can analyse the capability and quality of a product.

User Acceptance Testing

Acrux performs a range of User Acceptance Testing methods to help applications scale up so that our client’s system performance requirements meet well into the future. Our robust User Acceptance Testing process prevents system crashes, achieve reasonable response times and mitigate scaling risks.

Why Acrux for Testing?

  • Guaranteed quality of the product pre-delivery
  • Effective and seamless performance of apps or products
  • Regular testing and QA Service documentation
  • Better collaboration and increased user participation at all levels
  • Freeing up business team’s valuable time and bandwidth for core project activities