Cloud based applications

We fully leverage the power of the ‘cloud’, and offer end-to-end cloud-based application services–cloud app development and testing, consulting, security services, cloud app infrastructure management, and cloud app integration with many other cloud and on-premises applications.

Acrux is duly armed to help businesses take full advantage of Cloud-based applications and automated cloud operations through our expertise in cloud strategy, infrastructure, analytics and execution, based on redefining our client’s current cloud strategy with a robust roadmap, adoption of innovative tech stack and optimized service quality. Our cloud-based application development strategies are tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs, besides dedicated customer support.

Why Acrux for Cloud-based application development?

  • Lowered setup costs, and this means greater saving for small businesses
  • Enables team collaboration, as cloud-based applications are accessed by multiple users all at the same time
  • Business scalability is an inherent advantage in a cloud environment
  • Enables greater access to newer technologies and thereby establishing improved workflow
  • Insightful data reporting for storage, analysis and retrieval anytime